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Welcome to Adrian's photoerotica and timeexposure

  Express yourself in intimate portraits that help make 
  your statement. Experience photography the way you
  always wished it could be!
  Get it the way you always  wanted  it...  Get  it  where
  you want it,  how you  want it,  and when you want it!

   Enjoy  a  leisurely and unhurried   photo  experience with  no
   limitation or restrictions  (actually,  there  is   one   restriction,  
   you  must  be  over  18  years  of  age).

   I've  operated  my  own  photography  studio  specializing  in
   Boudoir   &  Erotic  photography for most of my  life. I'm now
   offering Toronto area  residents  the  opportunity  to  book a
   professional  erotic  photo session to  be taken in the privacy 
   and comfort of my home studio or at your location.

   More  than  45  years   experience   allows   me  to  be  very 
   sensitive to  my clients' needs. I bring to your sitting a casual
   and laid back style that encourages you to be as personal, 
   intimate and erotic as your imagination allows.

   A  photo  session  takes   about  1½ to 2  hours,  and  we  will
   produce approximately 60 to 70 different images in that  time. 
   I  use only the finest  photo equipment and within  two weeks 
   of the  sitting  I  will  deliver   the  photos to you  in DVD format,
   viewable on a computer or DVD player.  You  can make prints
   anytime on your own computer  from the DVD that  is yours to

Your session will be completely private & confidential.

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